Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Increases Support for Disconnected Youth

Governor Hogan’s new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act addresses the high rates of disconnected youth throughout Maryland by significantly improving aid programs and accessibility to them. This new act will increase the percentage of youth funding spent on out of school youth from 30% to 75%. It also increases the eligibility age from 21 to 24 so that more disconnected young adults can access job training and programs. 11 Maryland jurisdictions have higher rates of disconnected youth than the national average. This act is an attempt to reduce these rates and place out-of- school and out-of- work children back on the track to success. FYI: Programs in our Community The Ready By 21 Program works to ensure that youth will have sufficient education, a stable living situation, health care, financial stability, and support by the age of 21. For more information, visit

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