NCEA’s “Mistreatment of African American Elders”

The National Center for Elder Abuse (NCEA) provides this Research to Practice Brief  summarizes recent research findings related to the mistreatment of African American elders, particularly involving financial exploitation and psychological abuse. General cultural beliefs, views, and norms within the African American community offer both risk and protective factors that influence elder abuse in this population. Although all elderly adults are more vulnerable to crime to begin with, socioeconomic variables, such as poverty, institutionalized racism, and structural segregation place African American elders at an even higher risk.

According to the brief, these are 3 takeaways

  • There is limited research on elder abuse and neglect for the African American population.
  • Elder abuse in the African American community is influenced by risk factors and protective factors that span from the individual level to the community level.
  • Compared to their non-African American counterparts, African Americans are disproportionately impacted by financial exploitation and psychological mistreatment.

Adult Protective Services investigates instances of abuse, neglect, and exploitation and provides professional aid to victims. Call 240-777-3000 for help or more information.

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