May is Behavioral Health Awareness Month

Persons with behavioral health issues may need assistance in dealing with and overcoming mental health and/or substance abuse. It is the aim of behavioral health support agencies to aid and assist those facing substance use disorders, mental illness/emotional disabilities, homelessness, and persons in at-risk circumstances, so that they may maintain their physical and mental well-being. Services offered for this population are programs such as mental health evaluation and treatment, adult and adolescent intensive outpatient programs for chemical dependency, and counseling. These services are available to Montgomery County residents with Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse diagnoses. Contact these agencies for further assistance

24-hour Crisis Center at 240-777-4000

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County at 301-424-0656 or

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program at 240-777-1450

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Screening and Referral/Access program at 240-777-1770

FYI – Programs in our Community TRACKS: A new program from Family Services, Inc, the Transition to Adulthood Program TRACKS is a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for transitional aged youth (TAY) who require assistance to help facilitate the transition to adult life Individuals with Special Needs Jewish Social Service Agency’s team of specially trained clinicians and other professionals provide a wide range of mental health, care management, and employment and support services for all those in our community with special needs. Individuals with Special Needs: Unlocking Development Potential and Maximizing Opportunity

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