Keeping Food Safe From Pantry to Plate- available in 5 languages

This short 2 page brochure, written by Manna’s Jenna Umbriac, is for everyone who eats! It describes what the dates on packages mean and how to determine whether food is safe to eat. The brochure provides shelf-life of common foods, clues to determine food safety, and how to properly store, thaw, cook all types of foods. Request printed copies of “Keeping Food Safe from Pantry to Plate” in bulk quantities English or Spanish by emailing

How do you know if food is safe to eat, even if the label is past the current date or a can is slightly dented? How do you properly store, thaw, cook, and freeze different types of foods? Read CFR’s Food Safety Brochure to find out, available as downloadable PDFs in these languages: English, French, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.


If you’d like printed copies of English or and Spanish language brochures, please contact the CFR Director,

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