June is National Safety Month

Stay safe this month, and all summer, by minimizing sun exposure and taking precautions against dangerous summer weather. Summer storms can threaten the safety of individuals and can cause damage to homes. During a severe storm, stay indoors. Prepare ahead of time by stocking up on non-perishable food and water if the storm is expected to cause power outages or last several days. When possible, do not drive during storms. If driving is necessary, follow road signs, speed limits, and as always, wear a seatbelt. Do not go in pools or bodies of water during a storm.

If visiting or joining a swimming pool or swim club this summer, ensure that children that do not know how to swim are never left alone, even in a “baby pool” area and even when lifeguards are on duty. Adults that do not know how to swim should stay in areas where they can stand.

During periods of extreme or excessive heat, drink water and stay in air-conditioned areas when possible. When outdoors, wear light-colored and lightweight clothing and wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses if possible.

For an emergency safety threat, call 911.


Learn how to protect your home against safety threats by visiting Montgomery County’s Fire and Rescue Services “Safety First” tips.

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