July is Purposeful Parenting Month

Being a good parent means having the right tools and knowledge to care for and communicate with children. Parents of young children, teens, and young adults can easily access these tools and knowledge through parenting classes, seminars, and workshops. Numerous programs like these are offered to help parents and families work as a stronger unit and are available to parents, foster families, soon-to-be parents, and caregivers within Montgomery County.

Contact Montgomery County’s Childlink at 240-777-4769 for more information about parenting programs.

FYI-Programs in our Community

MCPS Parent Academy provides information to guide parents in helping their children succeed in school.

Ed Bohrer Parent Resource Center offers educational resources and tools to students of all ages, particularly including parents trying to obtain an education or improve their English speaking skills.

The Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) is a nonprofit that provides classes, events and other educational resources to parents and all who care for children, toddlers through teens.

P.E.A.C.E Program is specifically intended to provide families with separated or divorced parents with the skills to maintain family cooperation and continued parental support.

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