Is it Safe to Eat? Free Food Safety Webinar

Test your knowledge on food safety at home and for participating in Community Food Rescue at one of our upcoming food safety trainings. We’ll have fun quizzes, mock food safety runs, and great information for anyone engaged in food recovery including CFR food runners and food recipient organizations’ staff and volunteers. Learn more about the state of food waste, hunger, and new Montgomery County plans to feed more and waste less. Take a tour of Manna Food Center (Oct 17th) and learn how our County’s largest food recovery and distribution site provides more than four million pounds of food for families each year.


  • January 18th, 7-8:30 PM
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  • Your Instructors: Jenna Umbriac, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and Director of Policy and Programs at Manna Food Center. She is a Certified Food Service Manager and has experience with food safety and food service management in both community and clinical settings.
  • Cheryl Kollin, MBA, is the Program Director of Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center. Cheryl consults with entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses in mission-driven, food related ventures.
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