Announcing Open Solicitation #2021-71 Identifying Vendors for Montgomery County Youth Sports Initiative

Identifying Vendors for Montgomery County Youth Sports Initiative

  Issue Date: December 4,  2020

Deadline to Submit Questions Date: December 8,  2020

Closing Date:  Monday December 17, 2020

The Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families, Inc. (the Collaboration Council), is a quasi-public non-profit organization and the Local Management Board for Montgomery County, Maryland. Further information about the Collaboration Council can be found at it’s web site

The County recognizes the need to provide youth sports in Montgomery County. Youth sports have significant social and wellness benefits to participants. In addition to promoting mental and physical health and activity, youth sports help develop confidence, keep youth engaged in productive activities, and help to teach team building and goal setting objectives.

An extensive body of research shows that physical activity has numerous and significant health, cognitive and academic benefits for children and adolescents. Yet, only about a quarter of children in the United States did the recommended daily 60 minutes physical activity in 2016. Children who play sports are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines compared with their peers. However, survey data show that the percentage of children under age 12 who played team sports “regularly” has declined in recent years, from 42% in 2011 to 38% in 2018. Data also show wide disparities in youth sports participation by family income, gender, and race and ethnicity.

The purpose of this funding is to increase the availability of youth sport services by supporting youth sports organizations through a grant process, to provide positive, structured activities for children who would otherwise lack access to these services that support their healthy development.

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