Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most prevalent form of dementia, a brain disease that severely impacts everyday life due to memory loss and chemical and structural changes of the brain. More than 50% of adults over the age of 85 have Alzheimer’s disease. Although it is normal for older adults to experience some level of forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can cause complete memory loss. This can be extremely frightening for both the dementia patient and their loved ones. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease besides memory impairment can include mood swings, withdrawal, and more time spent sleeping. If treated early, Alzheimer’s can be manageable for a longer period of time. It is important for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and their families to have an emotional support system. In-home caregivers may be a good option for anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. FYI: Programs in our Community 

Alzheimer’s Association: National Capital Area Chapter: Provides care and support to those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. For more information, call 1-800-272-3900.

Holy Cross Hospital Medical Adult Day Center: Structured activities are offered daily to seniors looking for medical, rehabilitative, social, and recreational programs while continuing to live at home.


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