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Getting caught in the addiction cycle can make recovery seem impossible. But with the right treatment, support, and lifestyle changes, it is possible to get back on track. Taking the initiative to make a change is the first step of addiction recovery. Many different treatment options are available and each person may need a different treatment plan. Learning healthy ways to cope with stress and deal with cravings will take time, but will tremendously help with the recovery process. Friends and family are great sources of support, and support groups with other recovering addicts are easily accessible. read more on

FYI: Programs in our Community

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program for Chemical Dependency: Provides assistance in transitioning back to everyday life to those recovering from alcohol and/or drug addictions.

Avery Road Treatment Center: Provides outpatient care and detoxification for adults overcoming addiction.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Screening and Referral: Provides assessment, screening, and referral to low-income individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse.

Many Voices Smart Choices: A community-wide alliance looking to reduce substance abuse in youth by promoting and providing recovery and prevention services.

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